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Like silence for earthQuakes

Thursday, October 23, 2003

1:44AM - Weird!

I haven't updated in a LONG TIME. A lot has happened in the past couple days. My life has turned upside down. I'm definitely okay! The fact my relationship is not going as planned, parents are getting suspicious, and I AM LOST IN A MUSEUM! It is time for me to put on some Tori and drink a nice martini. mmmmmmm! I have the house to myself coming this Saturday I will miss her. She doesn't realize that I love her no matter what. Shit! I forgot to do something.

Current mood: indifferent

Sunday, September 7, 2003

12:10AM - Sweet whispers of the slumber at night when she closes her eyes

I think I might give her a ring. I want to but I'm kinda scared. The fact that when we are both done with school we will live in different states. I wonder how long distance relationships are. Is it hard? I should just worry about now instead of the Future. I think I might take up a visit to Cedar Crest. I want to change schools. Sometimes I think I dream to much.

Current mood: hopeful

Saturday, September 6, 2003

7:10PM - WeatherlLeather

Today was a relaxful day. Went for a walk in South Philli drank coffee at starbuck's. I think I found a job in Easton. I don't like the Area at ALL!! I'm going to keep looking. I also ran into a few friends. Went shopping and got some cool shirts.

1:12PM - This was HARD to set-up!

It took me at least and hour to set this up. I am not well with computers at all! Any suggestions? My girlfriend is still in bed due to the long night we had. Went to visit some friends up in bloomsburg. Sometimes I find myself getting bored to fast. I am almost done with school! PR! PR! PR! I am off for a walk, and going to read a book. Maybe pick something up at Giovanni's. I wonder how my mom is doing? I haven't told her I am gay yet. I wish I had more friends who weren't so out. I like them but I wish they could understand my problems.

Current mood: bored